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Credits, Prizes, & Corporate Sponsorships

 Credits:  We felt as though credits was the best way to provide motivation to the student to inspire learning. Credits and points are earned everytime a student does almost anything in S.T.E.M. STARS. For example, when you comment on a status, post a helpful code hint, share a video, or collaborate with a team member you earn points. Your membership level will determine the number of points it will take to earn a specific prize. Prizes can range from giftcards at stores, to a free iPad depending on the sponsor.

 Corporate Sponsorships:  Code-A-Thons and Projects are generally sponsored by a companies we work with. They are either companies that have created the Code-A-Thon, or are providing the prizes.*Side note about your child's privacy: Sponsors never contact individual students or participants. The prizes are specifically coordinated thru S.T.E.M. STARS only. If you have any questions about you or your child's privacy, please see our Terms of Service.

We are committed to educating this next generation of minds with real-world training and entrprenuership skills.

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